Park View Rittenhouse

Perfectly Unexpected

How Ken and Toby Found Their Dream Space in Parc Rittenhouse

The Mallins weren’t looking for a new home at the time.

Quite the opposite, in fact: they were putting the final touches on some major renovations to their two-story in Wynnewood.

But out of the blue, a friend invited them to have a look at a space that had just opened up in Parc Rittenhouse. Immediately, the couple saw past the demo dust and exposed pipes. They were in love, and they decided to press pause on those final touches back in Wynnewood.

Soon they were working with Abby Schwartz Associates, a local architecture firm, to define their vision for their new home. Shortly after, we were brought in as the general contractor. Over the following months, we’d have the pleasure of helping to transform the Mallin’s space from steel beams and unfinished concrete into a stunning residence that was a precise reflection of the couple’s taste and lifestyle.

“We knew that Weaver came with a reputation for doing very high-level work. But what stood out most to us was that they are really, really nice guys. Throughout the whole process, they made us feel so comfortable. Now, I recommend them to everybody.”

Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with Abby Schwartz’s team.

Because many appliances, flooring choices, and finishes weren’t specified early on, we worked with Abby Schwartz and the Mallins to build a contract based on allowances. This reserved money in the budget to cover a range of options without forcing the Mallins to decide on every detail at the outset. It was a great way for our team to get started without rushing the design process.