Care That Shows.

We build genuine relationships and provide uncommon care from start to finish.

Pursuing Luxury

While there are a variety of ways to pursue a luxury build, there are distinct advantages in partnering our expertise as builders with best-in-class architects and design teams.


Find comfort in knowing it will be done right the first time with world class precision. Your experience before, during, and after construction is just as important to us as the finished result. 


Your budget is important to us. We take pride in bringing your vision to reality, while working in unison with your design team to provide transparent pricing along the way.


Sometimes your vision may change and that’s ok! Our team and partners are able to adapt to that change at any stage in the process.

 The Design Partner Process

It starts with a conversation.

Before we start, we listen. We look to gain an early understanding of your needs, tastes, timeline, and budget, so we can accurately bring your vision to life.

Building the Partnership

When you choose to build with Weaver, we’re happy to partner with your existing design team or assist you in hand-selecting one whose experience aligns with your goal. Once that team is established, we’ll work together to present you with ideas, sketches, and cost estimates, that are tailored specifically towards your luxury build.

Together, we refine the direction.

We’ll take your feedback and use it to refine the project. This could take one round of revisions, or several. Either way we work together until it’s perfect.

You review your full proposal and budget.

This proposal is a comprehensive look at the scope of your project. We also share an itemized budget, which allows you to evaluate and approve all project costs.

We create a precise schedule.

With project plans approved, we break it all down into clear, realistic phases and deadlines. By this point, we know your project and creating an accurate timeline is relatively simple.

Details Matter

As you make your selections, we’ll work closely with the design team to integrate them into the final project and schedule.

We get to building.

After all the prep of the design phase, the build should bring few surprises. We invite you on walkthroughs at various project milestones to ensure things are coming together the way you envisioned. 

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